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this is a little FAQ for KnightFight.

1.) Estate

Your Estate have 3 options.

1. Upgrade your estate
2. Equip your character
3. Pray at the altar (for healing your character
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You can upgrade your estate, maximum to Level 9. Every upgrade gives you 2% for your Healing per hour.

You can equip your character not only under the statusite (the button under your character picture), also you can equip you charakter over the estate.

One of the important functions is the altar, you pray for your healing.

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10 healing points cost 1 gold.

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2.) Missions, Battles and Tavern


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How many times i can make a battle?
You can challange every 15. minutes an opponent (Premium user every 5. minutes)

When i can fight an opponent again?
12 hours after your last fight, you can challange the same knight again.

What is a save fight?
Every fight you do (attack or defense battle), gives you 1 hour save,
you can´t get attacked by another player, for one hour. In this time for example you can make your mission time.


A mission can be successful and less successful. Sometimes it can be that you have no result after your mission.
When you go on a mission, you are more effective when you go in
10 minutes steps. Your mission time per day is 60 min. (premium user have 120 min.). You can use your mission also for your alignment choice. You can be a good Knight or a bad knight.

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What happens when i am on a mission?
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During a mission you cant do any other action. Its not possible to go to the merchant, your estate ect. You must wait till the end of the mission, before you can do other things.

When you have more tricks and tips, contact me on my following e-mail adress and I will add it.

This FAQ is still in process

Short News
30.06.2007, 13:20 h CET

New area for KF:


there you have a overview for the estate and guild castle.

Short News KnightFight
01.08.2007, 15:32 h CET

2 new one hander
2 new one hander (Bazaar)
1 new two hander


21.07.2007, 10:00 h CET

3 new one hander
2 new one hander (Bazaar)
1 new two hander


13.07.2007, 10:15 h CET

1 new one hander
2 new amulets

Short News MonstersGame
21.06.2007, 12:35 h CET

1 New weapon


06.06.2007, 15:42 h CET

1 New armor

In Process
The FAQ for KnightFight and MonstersGame are still in process.
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