the bazaar i a new function in the game, like the merchant.
The difference is, at the bazzar you can buy items who you
not can buy at the merchant (example the
lightning soulstones).
A new function is also the game of chance.

ein Bild

ein Bild

Buy items:

The itmes that you can buy at the bazaar and also at the
merchant, you can get this often cheaper at the bazaar.
At the bazaar you can buy items, that you get only here
and not by the merchant.

Sell items:

Here you can sell your items, the difference to the merchant is
the prices can vary here (random).
Sometimes you can get a better price as the merchant, but norm
you get the same price at the bazaar.

Risk a game of chance:

Here you can win gold but you can loose it to, so its your choice
to play that game.
You can wager minimum 10 gold to maximum 100 gold.
When you choose is right you win, when not........

good luck
Short News
30.06.2007, 13:20 h CET

New area for KF:


there you have a overview for the estate and guild castle.

Short News KnightFight
01.08.2007, 15:32 h CET

2 new one hander
2 new one hander (Bazaar)
1 new two hander


21.07.2007, 10:00 h CET

3 new one hander
2 new one hander (Bazaar)
1 new two hander


13.07.2007, 10:15 h CET

1 new one hander
2 new amulets

Short News MonstersGame
21.06.2007, 12:35 h CET

1 New weapon


06.06.2007, 15:42 h CET

1 New armor

In Process
The FAQ for KnightFight and MonstersGame are still in process.
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