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This is a little guide for MonstersGame.

1.) Safety Fights:

Fight every 50 - 55 minutes with a low level opponent, after your fight, you can´t get attacked by another player, for one hour.

2.) Gold Saving:

To save your gold before an opponent can steal it, upgrade your character skills.
When you have not enough gold to upgrade your skills, buy some healing potions (you'll need it Smile ).
If you want save gold for a new weapon or armour, then buy a sentinel and dont upgrade his skills, because you get all your gold back from the original price, but not the gold that you have invested to upgrade skills.
If you do not have enough gold to buy a sentinel, then buy some potions (for example a health upgrade) or some weapons and armors and sell them later. The problem is that you get only half of your gold back, but at least you dont lose gold to an opponent.

3.) Manhunt:

Before you begin a manhunt have a safety fight (look under point 1.) to a low level opponent. After that you make 4x10 minutes manhunts. Then you have another safety fight and do the last 2x10 minutes of manhunt. After that you have another safety fight so that you have enough time to consider what you want to do with your gold.
If you are a premium user, then make 3 times of 4x10 minutes manhunts with a safety fight after every 4th manhunt.

4.) Finding Opponents:

Premium users have the option to search for a specific leveled opponent. The standard highscore only goes up to 5000, which means its not as easy for non-premium users to find opponents that match their level and skills.
Non-premium user can also search for a specific level, with this trick.

First you put this address in your browser:

for server uk1:

for server uk2:

for server uk3:

for server uk4:

for server uk5:

for server uk6:

After that you can change the number after the position "count" in every number you want and you can now find some adequate opponents.

Highrasse 0 = highscore-list (Vampire and Werewolves)
Highrasse 1 = Vampire
Highrasse 2 = Werewolf

Count = 4900 is the standard end of the highscore, so change it to your choice (+/- 4900).

When you have more tricks and tips, contact me on my following e-mail adress and I will add it.

Short News
30.06.2007, 13:20 h CET

New area for KF:


there you have a overview for the estate and guild castle.

Short News KnightFight
01.08.2007, 15:32 h CET

2 new one hander
2 new one hander (Bazaar)
1 new two hander


21.07.2007, 10:00 h CET

3 new one hander
2 new one hander (Bazaar)
1 new two hander


13.07.2007, 10:15 h CET

1 new one hander
2 new amulets

Short News MonstersGame
21.06.2007, 12:35 h CET

1 New weapon


06.06.2007, 15:42 h CET

1 New armor

In Process
The FAQ for KnightFight and MonstersGame are still in process.
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